Project Quick-Fix - Ngenevu 2009

A one-day Project Quickfix for the indegent organised by SHATWON with technical support from Healing Heart Widows Foundation at Ngenevu, Coal Camp Enugu on Saturday 29th November, 2009.
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Paper on Ownership Rape - The oppressive nature of man

The President of SHATWON, Pharm. (Mrs.) Stella Brown gave a lecture at conference organised by the Federation of International Women Lawyer Association (FIDA). Her paper was on "Ownership Rape - The oppressive nature of man". She spoke from the victims perspective and caused quite a stir when she distributed copies of picture and article on her own personal experience.
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Our help to Florence

The story of Florence is a fight against Tuberculosis, which we have been of serious help. Florence is a twenty-one year old woman suffering from Tuberculosis since 1997. The infectious disease has almost eaten her up and wasted her youthful life because she has not been able to raise sufficient funds for the treatment. In addition, she gave birth to a baby and the father of the child is unemployed having lost his job and as such cannot bear the financial responsibility of the family. Also Florence who hails from Amofia Agu Affa, Udi Local Government of Enugu State, lives with her aged and widowed mother. Their situation was very pitiable. SHATWON is supplying both mother and child with the neccessary drugs prescibed by the doctor to help Florence live a dignified and meaningful life.


We have published articles in national and local newspapers for the emancipation of women. Below are some of our works.

  • What women suffer - Thisday, This Life Section of Thursday, February 25, 1999.
  • CHIOMA BROWN : Fighting for women emancipation- Daily Champion, Champion Woman Section of Thurday, February 18 1999.
  • Gender Violence, Survivor's Perspective - The Post Express, Woman Section of Tuesday, February 16, 1999.
  • Helpline for Traumatised Women - Thisday, This Life Section of Thursday, September 30, 1999.
  • SHATWON NEWS - (1st Edition) May 2000.
  • Ownership Rape - The opressive nature of man

Shatwon Relief

According to trading Economics (2016), the unemployment rate status in Nigeria has gone from 12.1 % early 2016, to 13.3 % in the 2nd quarter of 2016. Reaching the highest since 2009. With this growing rate of unemployment, more women and men are forced to seek odd jobs. They may be labeled as “Anam-cho-olu” (artisan). These men and women borrow and hire tools to enable them do their work effectively and also to put food on the table. Reasons because these tools and equipment are expensive and the recent surge in prices due to the economic recession in Nigeria, it has made it impossible for them to own these tools.

On the September, 17th 2010, (SHATWON) put together a project where equipment were bought and distributed with the help of volunteers. These tools include:

  • big hammers,
  • small hammers,
  • 16 feet measuring tapes,
  • big bars (for carpenters),
  • small bars,
  • iron saws (for iron benders/fitters),
  • small trowels (for masons),
  • big trowels,
  • plums,
  • carpenter saws,
  • mason rubs,
  • shovels,
  • diggers and rubber (paint) buckets.

In conclusion, there has been tremendous positive feedback. Several have said because of the relief provided, they are able to keep most of their earnings without having to pay for hired tools. Also they feel that their dignity and independence have given back to them and they look forward to a better future.

Chibuogu Brown

Fund raiser/Volunteer worker.

Audio Messages

We produce audio messages addressed to youths to discourage them from crime and focus them on education and skill development.